Articles So Far

We have shown that our law school has not expressed interest in building an atmosphere of racial justice.  The administration has for years ignored student calls for a Critical Race Theorist and in 2012 promised us a Diversity Plan Director that has yet to materialize.

Our most recent post highlighted racism within the King County Prosecutor’s Office.  This post offers you a link to an article that recently came out in The Stranger, a Seattle weekly.  The story, Crass Course, can be read by clicking on the link or by pasting this address into your browser:

The UW Daily also published two articles earlier in the year, they were, “A fight to be heard: When prosecuting the people becomes problematic” and “Prosecution clinic draws skepticism from students

Please click on the links or copy these addresses into your address bar to read them.

Please continue to write to: Dean Testy, Prof. Maranville, UW President Michael Young, UW Provost, Board of Regents

Please tell them why UW Law needs a Critical Race Theorist and a Diversity Plan; tell them to cancel the prosecution clinic and to commit to clinics that address unmet legal needs. And if you like, Cc us at  Please be kind and respectful; the administration has been both, and again, honey attracts more bees than vinegar.