Despite Contrary Assertions, KCPO did not Seek Candidates Committed to Racial Justice

Emails from the public disclosure request lodged by UW students with the King County Prosecutor’s Office show that while the prosecutor’s office was assuring the law school that their candidates had been vetted for their commitment to racial justice, they had in fact done no such vetting. In fact, no additional searching or interviewing was conducted at all – they simply re-submitted the same candidates that had already been submitted to Seattle University’s canceled clinic. It seems that the KCPO is taking the position that everyone who works there has demonstrated a commitment to racial justice.

Their record demonstrates no such thing (See previous posts including “Prosecutor Rejects Juror Because of Race” and “Who’s Teaching Us Racial Justice?”). And their internal communications show that KCPO has failed once again to take the issue seriously. KCPO paid lip service to racial justice while scoffing and disregarding the issues behind closed doors. This collaboration could have been taken as an opportunity to show off their best face. Instead, the office of the prosecutor has turned away from the challenge and opted for business as usual. When the lives of our citizens and our moral center are at stake, that’s not good enough.


This post was authored by yet another UW Law Alum who reviewed the King County Prosecutor’s Office documents we unearthed via a public disclosure request.