Criminal Prosecution Certification Track

As a further reaching alternative to the Prosecution Clinic, we students have suggested a Prosecution Track; it’s outline is below.

  1. Course Requirements. To obtain the certificate, a student must complete the following course requirements:
    1. Level 1

i.     Criminal Law

ii.     Criminal Procedure Investigation

iii.     Criminal Procedure Adjudication

iv.     Evidence

  1. Level 2 *Students self-select from this level in addition to taking the prosecutorial discretion seminar (constructed by Professor Ambrose and Professor Covington.) This would be the social justice component of the certification.

i.     Prosecutorial Discretion Seminar (Required)

ii.     Poverty Law (One of two choice classes)

iii.     Critical Race Theory (One of two choice classes

  1. Level 3

i.     Trial Ad I

ii.     Trial Ad II

iii.     Special Topics in Prosecution Seminar—lead by instructor for KCPO

  1. This is to be done in conjunction with the writing requirement.
  2. Writing Requirement. To obtain the certificate, a student must complete one paper that involves substantial independent research and also satisfies both of the following criteria:
    1. The paper must focus on topics relevant to prosecution, prosecutorial discretion, and/or collateral consequences.
    2. The paper must satisfy the writing requirement for graduation.
  3. Internship/Externship Support.
    1. A UW Law staff will be made available for coaching and support for those student who are pursuing the Criminal Prosecution Certification at UW Law.
  4. Grade Point Requirement for the Certification. The student must maintain a grade point average of B (3.00) or better in courses taken and selected as qualifying for the Certificate. (This requirement is subject to change depending on any changes in the grading system or required mean that might be adopted by the faculty.)


Why is this a more viable option?

–       We already have a number of these classes available. KCPO has already said they want to involve one of their staff members in education at UW Law.

–       The selected staff member will still teach a course and KCPO and UW can still partner to develop a program that produces socially-minded prosecutors.

–       This is a win/win for everyone.

  • Those students who desire to be prosecutors will receive legal resources and attention that is specifically directed at their chosen career.
  • The integrity of both the legal education and clinical work at UW Law is preserved and honored.
  • There is a very limited chance of doing community harm through a prosecutorial certification track.



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